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We’ve identified New Relic as one of the few tech companies in a particularly unique position to experience dramatic SEO growth with a next-gen SEO strategy because:

  • only earns approx. 33,200 visits/month from non-branded organic search—less than 2% of relevant organic traffic. 
  • That means 98% of relevant traffic is going to competitors each month. This is a huge opportunity for growth!
  • New Relic is losing traffic to,,, and others. 

Profound Strategy’s teams have already identified a number of high priority, next-gen SEO opportunities. This page covers an overview of those findings, and you can book a meeting at any time to review the full report.



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According to Profound Strategy’s forecast model and available SEMrush data, could achieve as much as 59% growth with a modern, next-gen SEO strategy—perhaps even more. (Note: The historic traffic and forecast below shows non-branded SEO traffic only.)

You can request more details about this forecast here.

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Our specialty: Serious SEO growth for tech companies.

Profound Strategy’s next-gen SEO framework and our distinctive approach to SEO certified content already delivers 3x to 10x SEO growth for companies such as Marketo (now part of Adobe), Talend, Sumo Logic, Atlassian, and many others.

The report we’ve assembled for details a range of opportunities that a modern approach to SEO can unlock.

This page summarizes a next-gen SEO strategy for New Relic, but it only scratches the surface. 

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Advanced, Modern SEO for

A modern approach can drive New Relic ahead of competitors and drive a significant amount of quality organic traffic to Ultimately, SEO can (and should) be New Relic’s most cost effective channel.


New Relic’s Expected ROI from a Modern SEO Campaign

The ROI of a modern SEO campaign can be confidently predicted, measured, and scaled. To illustrate, we looked into New Relic’s estimated AdWords paid search cost-per-click and compared it with what can be achieved with a modern SEO campaign.


New Relic’s estimated current AdWords cost-per-click


Source: SEMrush

New Relic’s estimated “cost per session” from a modern, next-gen SEO campaign:


*Estimated SEO “cost per session” is based on high-quality, relevant traffic growth delivered by a modern SEO growth campaign.

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Modern SEO vs. Traditional Tactics

Leading-edge marketers and SEO practitioners recognize that SEO has changed. Standard SEO checklists, spray-and-pray content campaigns, one-size-fits-all SEO, and other outdated SEO tactics no longer deliver the ROI that businesses require.

Modern, next-gen SEO builds strong foundations and then focuses on what matters most: Delivering content and user experiences that meet each user’s needs, far better than any competing website.

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Case Study: Talend Achieves 199% SEO Growth

Talend partnered with Profound Strategy to increase organic traffic with a holistic SEO campaign focused on growth tactics and certified SEO content.

Profound Strategy executed a holistic strategy that resulted in:

  • Hundreds of thousands of additional visitors from SEO
  • +51% in sessions in the resource center
  • +19% in all organic sessions to Talend’s U.S. website
  • 199% growth in relevant, non-branded SEO traffic

We’ve helped these brands grow

SEO Certified Content vs. Most Content

Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content is the only proven method for driving predictable SEO traffic increases, from slow-and-steady growth to extremely high-scale growth.

Compared with traditionally “optimized” SEO content, certified content stands out by:

  • Reliably beating the competition.
  • Earning compounding traffic growth over time.
  • Delivering predictable ROI.


Next Steps: New Relic’s 59% Opportunity Report

There’s no reason that and should continue to win the lion’s share of organic traffic and leads. The research we’ve already gathered provides a detailed summary of modern SEO opportunities and next steps for

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  • Book a meeting. We’ll walk you through New Relic’s report and show you what a modern, high-growth SEO campaign for can look like.

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We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us shape and execute our SEO strategy. Profound Strategy supports our internal teams with strategic insights, training, and execution support, and they are a pleasure to work with.

— Hilary Jules, Head of Content Strategy and Marketing Operations, Atlassian