SEO Certified Content

SEO Certified Content comes with a clear forecast of traffic growth.

Profound Strategy’s SEO Certified Content is the only SEO tactic that comes with clear, custom traffic growth forecasts—and then delivers!


You need clear expectations your business can count on.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing SEO is knowing how much growth to expect, when

Making informed decisions about your entire digital marketing strategy requires clear, data-driven expectations for organic traffic growth from the first few months.

Get a reliable SEO forecast tool.

Our SEO Certified Content Forecast is the only proven, reliable tool for demonstrating what you can expect from an SEO project.

Every month, you will see actual performance compared to your forecast, so you can demonstrate indisputable ROI*.

SEO Certified Content Forecast Model

Profound Strategy’s forecast model is built on years of data, from hundreds of live SEO Certified Content assets, across a wide range of websites.

Performance dashboard

All SEO traffic earned by SEO Certified Content is automatically displayed over the forecasted traffic levels each month, so you know exactly how your campaign is performing compared to those expectations.

The SEO Certified Content Dashboard is included with any SEO Certified Content project. You can also upgrade to the full SEO Results Dashboard.

Predictable, reliable SEO growth

Many digital marketers believe that SEO can and should be an extremely valuable digital marketing channel, but struggle to establish data-driven projections and measure the true value of SEO work.

SEO Certified Content and Forecasts give you clear expectations and deliver measurable results.




* Although most campaigns meet or even exceed forecasted traffic levels, forecasts are not a guarantee, because we don’t control Google.