SEO Certified Content

SEO content that actually works

The only modern approach to SEO content that consistently delivers predictable, reliable, scalable results.


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Most content delivers no SEO results.

If you’ve ever been frustrated “SEO content” that doesn’t deliver traffic, leads, or ROI—there is a better way!

Effective SEO content has to be better than the current winners.

Profound Strategy’s SEO Certified Content delivers reliable results because it is:

  1. Hand-crafted by our highly trained editors and writers.
  2. Based on a new kind of advanced competitive research to be better-than-the-best.

Search engines love SEO Certified Content because users love it.

SEO Certified Content is based on a detailed understanding of what the target audience wants. Real users engage more, and Google’s algorithms take notice.

SEO content that works is SEO Certified Content.


Traditional SEO Content

SEO Certified Content


Publish it and “hope it works”

Traffic growth is forecasted before work on the content even begins. 

SEO Traffic Growth

Very little SEO traffic growth—not enough to justify the cost

3x to 10x more traffic than traditional SEO content—up to 100x more

Optimization Strategy

Uses outdated traditional SEO tactics

Understands your competitors’ best content and is better-than-the-best

Keyword Targeting

Written for a handful of keywords

Earns traffic for 100s or 1000s of different relevant keywords


Zero or negative ROI

Turns SEO into your most cost-effective digital marketing channel in terms of traffic cost, cost-per-lead, and ROI


Not Recommended



Significant SEO traffic growth, forecasted

Leveraging years of data from live SEO Certified Content assets, we forecast the SEO traffic growth that you can achieve. Want to see how much traffic you can earn? We’ll build a forecast specifically for your site at no cost.

Every piece of SEO Certified Content is:

  • Anchored in a new generation of modern SEO fundamentals.
  • Uniquely designed to be more engaging than the current winners in search results.
  • Crafted to meet the user’s actual need, no matter what keyword they searched.
  • Designed to target 100s or even 1000s of different keyword phrases.
  • Deeply informed by your unique expertise and brand values.
  • Built on advanced, user-focused competitive research.
  • Effective at any scale.

You can work with Profound Strategy’s highly experienced team of writers and editors to produce the final content, or we can provide the strategic research, insights, and guidance you need for your own writers.

Finally, an SEO growth strategy that works!