Profound Strategy’s SEO Certified Content Delivers Results

An entirely new approach to content that delivers SEO results.

3x to 10x more traffic than just “optimized” SEO content

Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content consistently delivers three to ten times more organic traffic than other “SEO optimized” content, because it’s an entirely new approach to content.

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Content that wins

Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content processes focus on creating content that is better than the best organic search competitors, because the modern search landscape is fiercely competitive.

Building on a foundation of competitive research, certified content is augmented with modern SEO best practices, unique insights, and your brand’s unique voice and value propositions.


Designed for predictable traffic growth expectations

Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content is the only SEO content with specific, forecasted growth expectations.

Every new asset is backed by the insights gained from hundreds of certified content assets published in some of the most competitive industries and on some of the most complex topics. With hundreds of certified content assets constantly collecting live SEO data, we know what traffic growth to expect and the timeline for that growth—giving you confidence in forecasted growth.

These same insights enable us to predict and illustrate traffic growth expectations for new certified content with confidence. (Forecast model is in beta.)

Built on in-depth online market research

Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content is the only SEO content built on an in-depth understanding of the online user’s preferences and needs.

Winning qualified organic traffic today requires meeting all of your users’ needs better than the competition. How can you do that if you don’t know what their needs are? This research process goes far deeper than the keyword—or even search intent—uncovering the nuance and depth of exactly what users are looking for when they search.

Efficient, scalable process

Certified content can be efficiently scaled to accelerate SEO growth, because the process behind each unique piece of content is tested and executed by an experienced and highly-trained team of SEO experts.

Profound Strategy’s certified content scales reliably in order to meet the most complex and demanding SEO growth goals.

Each piece of content is optimized for ALL relevant keywords (not just a couple)

Each certified content asset is optimized for hundreds, even thousands of SEO keywords. Not just a few.

Google’s algorithms infer the user’s need and evaluate content to deliver what best meets that need, across a long list of keywords. Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content mirrors this approach in order to work with Google and connect your brand to target audiences.