Growth Priorities Audit

An ROI-First Foundation for Modern SEO

Get ready to win more.

Position your SEO and content marketing efforts to create business value with a clear, actionable strategy—based on Profound Strategy’s unique, modern SEO principles—that:

  1. Demonstrates a broad overview of your unique SEO opportunities, and
  2. Prioritizes specific opportunities for immediate action.

A Growth Priorities Audit provides the big picture for planning well into the future, and a specific route to start seeing meaningful organic traffic growth as soon as possible.


A foundation for meaningful traffic growth

Launch a successful SEO program by laying a strong foundation first. A Growth Priorities Audit will:

  • Validate your company’s SEO opportunities. Wondering if SEO is going to be a valuable channel for the business? A Growth Priorities Audit will illustrate your entire organic search landscape and detail the growth possibilities for your top priorities.
  • Prove the model at a smaller investment. Not sure if Profound Strategy’s modern approach to SEO is the best fit for your team? A Growth Priorities Audit is the start of a modern SEO campaign, at a smaller commitment level.
  • Get unique, custom insights about competitors. Evaluating the competition in organic search? A Growth Priorities Audit is a data-driven view of your industry, audience, and competition in organic search.

Our Growth Priorities Audit was an extremely valuable project. The depth of insights is remarkable, and we loved the vibe of the team. We would not hesitate to continue working with Profound Strategy.

— Sara Fluskey, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Clarify your entire SEO opportunity

Get a broad overview of your brand’s entire opportunity in organic search.

The first stage of a Growth Priorities Audit is keyword research—updated for the era of AI-driven search algorithms. The Keyword Group Map transforms a long, static list of keywords to provide clarity on relationships, priorities, categories, and more.


how to prioritize seo

Prioritize for the fastest path to revenue

The secret to an ROI-focus is strategic prioritization at every step. SEO metrics are only one consideration.

A Growth Priorities Audit collaborates with your industry expertise and knowledge of your audiences, to prioritize organic growth opportunities with the greatest potential for revenue impact.

Profound Strategy consistently demonstrates not only SEO expertise, but a deep understanding of our business.

— Mike Tomita, Director of Online Marketing

Understand how your audience uses search

SEO content that wins meaningful traffic is content designed for people … that search engines understand and favor. But how do you actually create that?

The second stage of a Growth Priorities Audit answers that question by investigating keywords to understand the users’ real questions and needs.

Those “user needs” are the foundation for an SEO content strategy that is:

  • Meaningful to the business
  • Aligned with your buyer journeys
  • Predictable
  • Scalable

Chart a proactive SEO strategy that drives reliable, ROI-focused organic traffic growth.

Your SEO strategy should be based on a comprehensive understanding of the business’ opportunity in organic search, built on the needs of your target audiences, and designed for AI-algorithms. A Growth Priorities Audit is the foundation your marketing team needs.


Profound Strategy has been an invaluable partner. They have supported us on many lasting projects, including a very comprehensive user need and content strategy effort that has made a big impact on our search strategy.

— Silvina El Baba, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing