SEO Results Dashboard


The best SEO performance dashboard in the industry.

Built on our team’s extensive experience running high-growth SEO campaigns, Profound Strategy’s SEO Results Dashboard gives you easy access to the performance metrics that matter.


Traditional SEO dashboards are overwhelming and unclear.

A lot of SEO dashboards are cluttered, overly complicated, and focused on unimportant SEO metrics. They provide massive amounts of information but make it impossible to understand the results, needs, and ROI of SEO.


Growth-minded marketers need focused, no-fluff reporting.

You need to be able to quickly understand what’s happening with your SEO trends, what’s growing (or not), and why.

You need a clear view of the metrics that matter most, so you can make data-driven decisions and understand what’s truly happening with your SEO.

Get the industry-leading SEO dashboard that’s focused on your priorities.

The SEO Results Dashboard delivers reports for every level of marketing leadership—based on meaningful metrics, in views that are easy to understand—giving you a clear picture of your SEO success.

Google Analytics and Search Console data in one place

Google Analytics and Google Search Console both contain important, invaluable SEO data, but manually consolidating both sources is time-consuming.

The SEO Results Dashboard provides consolidated, contextual insights from both sources, so you can quickly get a clear picture of what’s happening.

Customizations for just the right view

Get hand-made customizations, so the information that is most important to you (and your boss) is easy to access.

We’ll help you determine the perfect customizations, and we’ll even implement them for you, so your dashboard fits your unique needs.

Advanced insights from an experienced team

Go further with regular insights or executive presentations from one of our experienced SEO strategists.

Experience the power of a modern SEO dashboard made just for you.

It’s the perfect solution for busy marketers that want to focus on SEO growth. Finally, a clear view of all of the SEO performance metrics that matter!


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