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Google Penalty Recovery Checklist: A Complete Guide [with PDF]

If you believe your site has been penalized by Google, it’s important to take steps toward recovery. Validate that traffic changes are the result of a penalty, determine what type of penalty has been applied, and take steps to get the penalty removed to recover lost traffic.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
July 25, 2017

Website Security: Disaster Preparation Checklist [PDF]

Here's hoping you will never need this checklist. But the truth is, sites get hacked, hardware fails, and disgruntled employees can be nasty. I've been called in to help with dozens of disasters, and every time the availability of this info is what determined how successful we could be. Don't wait on this.
Jessica Hartman By Jessica Hartman
June 20, 2017

5 Ways to Stand Out in SERPs and Increase Organic CTRs

One way to improve click-through rates is to optimize how your content displays on search engine results pages (SERPs). By creating search results that stand out on the page you can drive more traffic to your site, and the increased engagement may even earn you higher rankings.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
June 5, 2017