Profound Strategy’s Next-Gen SEO Content

An in-depth look at how we produce SEO certified content to drive exponential growth through organic search

The internet is flooded with good—even “optimized”—content, and more is published every day. There are thousands of pages of content about your industry, solution, product niche, etc.

And almost all SEO (“organic”) traffic goes to the top three to five organic search results.

That means that producing a positive ROI for SEO content efforts requires brands to not just create SEO content, but consistently create the best of the best content that beats all competitors.

Profound Strategy has developed a custom process for consistent, scalable, and measurable SEO content success based on three unique principles: a new SEO content strategy, competitive content research, and specialized content production.

Specialized Content Production

Profound Strategy Certified Content consistently performs at least three times times better than conventional SEO content, because it is the product of a completely customized, tested process of SEO research and content creation.

With a foundation based on proven organic search strategies, our content team goes further to expand and improve on what’s already winning in search. This is what truly propels Profound Strategy content ahead of the competition, and it’s why our content consistently drives 3X more organic traffic than other content created for the same website.

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SEO Content Strategy

Google understands what your audience is looking for when they type a query into the search bar. Do you?

SEO content success is no longer driven by keyword-based strategies and one-size-fits-all SEO checklists. Understanding search intent is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough to fuel a content strategy that wins in organic search.

An SEO content strategy that predictably drives significant, measurable organic traffic growth today and in the future must be based on a comprehensive map of user needs (not keywords) that charts your target personas through their buyers’ journeys.

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Competitive Content Research

SEO that consistently outranks the competition and delivers reliable ROI is based on competitive organic search research.

Because the modern era of organic search is increasingly complex and data-driven. Ranking factors are different for each and every search and updated in real time.

Competitive SEO research is Profound Strategy’s secret weapon for creating content that is strategically positioned to win in organic search, because it’s based on data—not hunches, trends, or generic best practices. 

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