Former clients at new companies: Earn a free conference trip!

Have you worked with Profound Strategy (formerly Propecta) before, but now find yourself at a new company in need of SEO results?

Introduce your new company to Profound Strategy, and we’ll send you on a free trip to a leading marketing conference when your new company starts an SEO campaign*! 

How does it work?

Just fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch with you!

When Profound Strategy starts a campaign with your new company, we’ll pay for you to go to the B2B Marketing Exchange or Sales/Marketing Exchange, hosted by the DemandGen Report. We’ll cover travel, lodging, and give you a prepaid MasterCard for food.

(Have a different event in mind? No problem! Contact us and we’ll let you know if we can send you to the event of your choice instead.)

There is one requirement: Your management must be made aware of this offer at the start of any conversation, and certainly before signing any agreement.

We can’t wait to work with you again!

9 out of 10 clients renew their first engagement with Profound Strategy, and most stay with us for more than two years.

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*For the purpose of this referral offer, a campaign is defined as any 6-month engagement made with Profound Strategy.