Earn $1,000 by Referring to Profound Strategy

Refer someone to Profound Strategy and get $1,000 when that company starts their campaign*!

Refer any company to Profound Strategy and we’ll send you the $1,000 check as soon as their campaign* begins. 

If your referral starts a project* (not a campaign), we’ll still send you $250.

Are you a current or former Profound Strategy client? This deal just got better for you—we’ll send you $1,500 for any referral (not your current employer) who starts a campaign!

How does it work?

Just fill out this form with your information and their information. That’s it.

We’re happy to reach out to your referral on your behalf, but we strongly recommend you make email introductions yourself. Introduce them to your primary contact at Profound—or, if you don’t have a primary contact here, introduce them directly to our CEO Nate Dame (contact us and we’ll get you connected).

If you have a conflict of interest of any kind (you’re on the board, you’re a nephew of the founder, etc.), we’re glad to make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice, instead!

Profound Strategy consistently demonstrates not only SEO expertise, but a deep understanding of our business. They work with stakeholders to justify SEO projects and demonstrate the impact of SEO investments.

— Mike Tomita, Director of Online Marketing

If you are a former client of Profound Strategy working at a new company, we have something that might be even better: Former clients at new companies: Earn a free conference trip! →


*For the purpose of this offer, a campaign is defined as any 6-month engagement made with Profound Strategy, where a project is any one-time engagement shorter than 6 months.