SEO Growth Quick Start Package

Take your SEO strategy from 0 to 60 in record time.

The most efficient, effective way to jump-start your SEO strategy

Get your SEO strategy up and running—and on a proven path to organic traffic growth and reliable ROI—with this unique package of modern SEO services.

Your most cost-effective digital marketing channel.

Modern SEO consistently generates new leads, nurtures existing prospects, and builds brand authority. And after an initial investment, high-quality SEO work continues to drive qualified organic traffic for months or years—generating a cost-per-click that is ludicrously low.

  • SEO is the number one lead-generating source reported by inbound marketing professionals.
  • SEO-aligned content marketers drive 54% more revenue growth year-over-year.



The SEO Growth Quick Start Package

This SEO package is the first step to a scalable SEO strategy. It balances foundational technical SEO work with certified content to lay a solid foundation and create measurable growth.

A Highly Prioritized, Light Technical SEO Audit

Ensure that your website is set up correctly and optimized where it matters, so you can strategically pivot resources to creating growth.

This audit focuses on the five key categories of technical work that actually impact SEO growth. Get a clear view of the tasks that need attention, actionable next steps, and confidence to move ahead toward SEO growth.

SEO Certified Content

Profound Strategy’s certified content regularly delivers 3x to 10x more organic traffic than typical “optimized” content.

This SEO Growth Quick Start Package includes three or more complete certified content assets. Each one includes:

  • Thorough, modern SEO keyword research, user need identification, and advanced prioritization with your team.
  • Competitive SEO market research, delivered as an independent report.
  • Hands-on collaboration with your subject matter experts.
  • Early-stage review and multiple rounds of revisions as needed, leading to a complete “best in class” content asset.


Request your SEO springboard today.

Search never stops. Even if purchasing decisions are on pause in your industry now, buyers and decision makers are still online. And they’re still using organic search to research options and find solutions.

The brands that stay in front of buyers at every stage of the funnel, and that can still be found at the top of organic search when the market rebounds, will be the ones that started improving SEO today.


        “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us shape and execute our SEO strategy.”
– Hillary Jules, Head of Content Strategy & Marketing Operations, Atlassian

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