Certified Content Drives 68% Traffic Growth in 12 Months for SaaS Brand

One year after Profound Strategy kicked off a modern SEO growth campaign for Skedulo, organic traffic had grown 68%. After three years, Skedulo was charting a 1900% increase where growth had seemed impossible.

Skedulo is a unique solution for mobile workforce management. Their cloud-based platform helps mobile teams in every possible vertical to schedule, manage, engage with, and analyze their workforces.

As the Skedulo brand grew, the team was ready to start harnessing the huge ROI potential of organic search (SEO). The company’s niche expertise, however, made them one of the many SaaS brands that seem “too specialized” for SEO—but they weren’t giving up just yet.

The Profound Strategy team made it surprisingly easy. I’m consistently impressed with their deep understanding of our unique value proposition and SEO content requirements, their technical know-how, and their ability to comprehensively report on outcomes in plain English.
– Craig Panigiris, APAC Marketing Director, Skedulo

Problem: Traditional SEO strategies alone don’t deliver growth

Without a modern SEO approach, the investments Skedulo had made in online content were yielding little return. The content was driven by individual keywords, using traditional SEO best practices, and it wasn’t able to beat the thousands of competing pages they were up against in organic search. Skedulo drove almost no organic traffic, and most of the entrances they did earn were to top-of-funnel content with poor conversion rates.

Problem: Niche industries and SEO

Skedulo offers a highly specialized product for a growing population: deskless workers. That acute focus is exciting for business but can be an obstacle for traditional SEO efforts. Meaningful keywords had low search volumes, which made it almost impossible to find their target audience in organic search.

It would have been easy to assume that SEO couldn’t work for such a niche product and conversation, but Skedulo also knew they needed an organic search presence to remain competitive. Profound Strategy’s modern approach to SEO has been the perfect solution.

Solution: SEO Certified Content

Profound Strategy specializes in SEO for B2B tech brands, so when we heard Skedulo’s story, we knew our modern approach would help.

Traditional SEO content no longer drives traffic, because traditional SEO content uses the same tactics of the 100s or 1,000s of competing pages. Profound Strategy’s modern approach to SEO—and, specifically, SEO Certified Content—on the other hand routinely delivers measurable, significant organic growth, because it is designed to do what matters: be more engaging than the current winners.

SEO Certified Content is the foundation of our completely distinct, modern approach to SEO. It starts with the needs that drive the audiences to search (instead of a meaningless list of keywords), endures rigorous competitive research, and culminates in on-brand content uniquely positioned to win in organic search.

— Nate Date, CEO and Founder, Profound Strategy

Solution: A Modern SEO Strategy

The Profound Strategy team built and executed a modern SEO strategy based on SEO Certified Content to drive reliable, predictable, in-market organic traffic growth for Skedulo in two key ways:

  1. Drive greater rates of organic traffic by expanding the volume of engaging, top-of-funnel content.
  2. Increase conversion rates from SEO by creating middle- and bottom-of-funnel content to fill existing gaps.

Opportunities were identified and prioritized based on user needs that represented search volume, brand relevance, and business value.

Although monthly search volumes for our target queries were low, we were confident that creating best-in-class content on these topics was the best way to position ourselves for success as those queries became more popular over time.
– Kelsey Maffett, Account Strategy Director, Profound Strategy

Profound Strategy’s SEO Certified Content is an entirely new approach to SEO growth. It’s the only SEO content built entirely for Google’s highly complex, AI-driven search algorithms.

SEO Certified Content

n. – An SEO content asset based on a single user need in organic search, founded on detailed and specific competitive research, drafted according to modern SEO and content best practices, and refined in partnership with the client’s internal experts.

Profound Strategy’s unique, SEO Certified Content tends to attract between 3x and 10x more SEO traffic than other high-quality content. Its performance is so reliable, we forecast it ahead of time.

Learn more about our SEO certified content

Solution:  A Strong Technical SEO Foundation

SEO Certified Content, of course, needs to be deployed on a healthy site. Prior to launching, Profound Strategy’s technical team laid the foundation with an early technical audit, seamless site migration support, technical monitoring, advanced SEO reporting, and a big content audit. Then by deploying SEO Certified Content, Skedulo was able to experience significant growth—and then scale that growth up, year over year.

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Result: 1,900% increase in organic traffic

Within a year, Skedulo enjoyed a significant boost in organic traffic.

  • 68% growth in total organic sessions in the first 12 months.
  • 580% growth in total organic traffic in the second year.
  • 1900% increase in organic traffic by the third year.

Certified Content developed by Profound Strategy has been at the forefront of this growth.

Our SEO Certified Content is a response to the modern, AI-driven, user-focused state of organic search. Deep, competitive SEO research combined with Skedulo’s unique voice and thought leadership allows us to create content on the deskless workforce that can’t be found anywhere else—the kind of content that drives meaningful, long-term traffic.
– Kelsey Maffett, Account Strategy Director, Profound Strategy

In the first year of engagement, the SEO performance of Profound Strategy content on the Skedulo website performed 2x better than other content on the site. By the end of the second year, SEO Certified Content was driving 5x more non-branded organic traffic than other content.

And it’s high-quality organic traffic that leads to measurable, bottom-line growth.

The biggest win for Skedulo’s SEO campaign has been the consistent and sustainable, high-value traffic growth. Our SEO success with Profound Strategy has created reliable, measurable pipeline growth.
– Craig Panigiris, APAC Marketing Director, Skedulo

We look forward to continued growth, improving thought leadership, as the Profound Strategy team helps us identify new markets and build SEO into those opportunities.
– Craig Panigiris, APAC Marketing Director, Skedulo

What’s next: Keeping pace with changing search trends

As the SEO landscape in Skedulo’s niche continues to evolve, Profound Strategy is helping to ensure that their content keeps pace.

For example, in 2020 and 2021, Skedulo played a major role in enabling COVID-19 testing and vaccination around the world. Profound Strategy supported these efforts with advanced reports on marketing trends and strategic content to help Skedulo marketing teams navigate the major changes in search traffic associated with COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

As the SEO campaign continues, the Profound Strategy team is engaged in competitive, global SEO research—in addition to technical SEO support, reporting, and Certified Content creation. We aim to continue uncovering trends and new avenues for meaningful, revenue-focused organic search growth for the Skedulo brand.

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