Specialized Content Production

An in-depth look at how we produce SEO certified content to drive exponential growth through organic search

Build your brand and create revenue growth with SEO content that improves brand awareness and drives qualified organic traffic to the site.

Creating the kind of top-performing content that wins in organic search is no longer about applying SEO best practices to “good enough” content.

SEO content production that reliably produces results, starts with in-depth competitive research, applies SEO best practices throughout the content creation process, and makes use of brand voice and expertise to outshine the competition.

Profound Strategy Certified Content

Profound Strategy’s specialized approach to content production is the driving factor behind the predictable, dramatic SEO gains that Profound Strategy delivers.

Because even a modern, “high-quality” SEO content strategy and the best internal expertise in the industry doesn’t guarantee outstanding content. There are already 100s—if not 1,000s—of content assets online for any one keyword or user need. Creating meaningful, measurable organic traffic growth, then, means creating content that is better than every competing piece of content.

But what does “better” actually mean? Marketers have struggled to define and redefine “great content” with every Google algorithm update, but Profound Strategy’s Certified Content cracks the code.

Profound Strategy Certified Content:

An SEO content asset based on a user need in organic search, founded on Profound Strategy’s distinct organic search research process, drafted according to modern SEO and content best practices, and refined in partnership with the client’s internal experts.

Certified Content routinely serves our clients by reliably:

  • Driving revenue and business goals by nurturing prospects through the buyer’s journey.
  • Improving brand awareness and lead generation through optimized organic search performance.
  • Establishing your brand as an industry leader through high-quality content that aligns with your unique strategy and brand messaging.

Start Creating Outstanding SEO Content Quickly

The Profound Strategy team is ready to support your changing business demands, no matter what your content strategy or team currently looks like. Whether you have a robust team that needs some extra support, or you have no team and you need to get started with SEO content, our editorial staff can partner with your team in whatever way best serves your needs.

Profound Strategy’s Content Creation Team

Successfully competing in the modern SEO landscape requires content creators who are well versed in modern SEO fundamentals, experienced in designing and executing successful SEO content, and passionate about quality and UX.

That’s why the largest part of Profound Strategy is our team of talented, dedicated SEO content editors. They work with a team of hand-selected, highly vetted writers who specialize in your brand’s product, strategy, or market niche.

It’s been a breath of fresh air to work with a group that values quality content just as much as I do. Working with my editor at Profound Strategy has made me an even better writer.

— Jessica Greene, Freelance Writer