Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service. Five years after its founding, the company was growing and needed to focus on its digital presence, but the then-small marketing team had a lot on their plate. They came to Profound Strategy for a complete SEO strategy.

One month after Profound Strategy’s new SEO content strategy was implemented, Sumo Logic saw a 97% year-over-year increase in monthly organic sessions.

The new SEO strategy was implemented in January 2016:

seo content case study

Six months into the new SEO content strategy, a batch of new content had been updated and published, and Sumo Logic’s audience responded. Profound Strategy’s second-quarter report showed that the SEO content:

  • Increased organic sessions by almost 300%.
  • Increased new sessions by 77%.
  • Increased new users by more than 500%.

We were able to create these amazing results because our standard keyword + user intent research turned up some very surprising results. These unique insights completely overhauled the content marketing strategy for Sumo Logic.

Profound Strategy brings a fresh and unique perspective to the table. Not only were they able to effectively understand the complexity of our market, they delivered deep, actionable insights and content that our potential customers were searching for. Their comprehensive, SEO-oriented content marketing strategy significantly boosted Sumo Logic’s online visibility and allowed us to better connect with our target market. — Maurina Venturelli, Director of Demand Generation

Download the complete PDF case study to see how our SEO content processes uncovered the missing ingredient for technology brand content, and how Sumo Logic’s website continues to benefit from these unique insights.

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