propecta seo servicesWhen BookingLive (@BookingLive) first started working with Profound Strategy we were still SEOperks, which shows just how long we’ve been working with them!

BookingLive initially hired Profound Strategy to carry out an SEO audit for one of their clients. Alongside online booking systems, BookingLive sometimes helps to improve their clients’ online visibility with SEO services. Their client’s website was set up with a few SEO elements, but they had a lot of projects on and needed to outsource to a professional for review.

That’s where Profound Strategy came in. BookingLive purchased a 20-point audit. However, as Profound Strategy was changing our audit process (and name) during this time, we let them know that we’d be sending a more in-depth SEO OAR 87-point audit. (Although this took marginally longer than the initial 20-point audit would have, we didn’t charge us any extra as the slight delay was due to our internal transition process.)Florina

Their communication throughout the process was excellent and Todd, the head of account strategy, constantly updated us with the status of our work so we never had to chase them up. — Florina Popescu, Account Manager

The Profound Strategy team offered to give a ‘walk-through’ of the completed audit to break it down. We provide a full report—detailed actions, color-coded statuses, and Google Insights, which the team at BookingLive found particularly helpful. These insights were delivered in the form of links to text and video content, so the BookingLive team could quickly locate the relevant resources that explained the points in more detail, as well as allowing them to speedily resolve the situation.

propecta seo servicesNot only have Profound Strategy provided us with top-quality SEO audits, but they also have a whole host of free resources in place, such as SEO webinars. These are great at keeping our team up-to-date with the latest trends, as well as keeping us informed of new services. We’d definitely recommend Profound Strategy’s services, not only to our clients here at Booking Live (@BookingLive), but also to other businesses. They did exactly what we needed them to do and more! — Caitlin Roxburgh, Marketing Executive