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Profound Strategy is, at it’s core, a strategic SEO partner and agency that excels at SEO consulting, training, and strategy.

Part of that SEO focus has led to the creation of an experienced, talented team of web designers and developers that — together with our SEO analysts, strategists, and content creators — build beautiful, engaging websites.

Many B2B websites suffer from serious SEO challenges, or are simply not designed to take advantage of opportunities to expand in organic search. A team of SEO-savvy designers—working together with SEO analysts, strategists, and content editors—can produce websites that provide exceptional user experiences and that increase organic search rankings, traffic, and conversions.

The website Profound Strategy built for Saddle Creek drove a

74% Increase in Organic Trafic

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Profound Strategy’s Process for SEO-Empowered Web Design and Development

The Profound Strategy team has a wide range of experience with small and micro, consumer-facing businesses, as well as enterprise-level B2B organizations.

We understand your need to:

  • Create a compelling digital experience that builds your brand and drives new leads to become new business.
  • Stand out from the competition with an impactful user interface and experience, as well as insightful, high-quality content.
  • Meet the needs of multiple departments — from product marketing, to sales, to customer service.

Design and Development Process

Profound Strategy’s design and development process creates a website that achieves these goals, because our unique SEO focus produces unparalleled audience insights and internal company alignment.

That process looks like this:


A kick-off call makes sure our team can hear from you first. Next is brand and market research, which is confirmed with you before moving forward. Key stakeholders are interviewed to determine pain points and KPIs.


All of these insights, strategies, and decisions are translated into a website wireframe, and site mapping and design concepts. The design team works closely with you to make sure everything is perfect for your brand.


The website is built in rounds of creation and client approvals. A pre-launch technical check is conducted before migrating the development site to your live URL, followed by a second post-launch technical check to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Quality Assurance

Prior to launch the site is thoroughly tested to ensure the user experience and functionality across numerous browsers and hardware is consistent and functional. Functionality testing ensures your users experience an error-free site. Quality Assurance includes an extensive content review to make sure it has migrated to appear consistent with the original site.


If you continue your SEO campaign with Profound Strategy, the team monitors the SEO performance of the new site to make sure it is achieving stated goals. We can also provide training on back-end CMS and recommended plugins to help your staff take over the new site.

Ongoing Website Support

From occasional updates to weekly deliverables, our designated web team is prompt and responsive with your website maintenance needs. 

We specialize in WordPress, but have experience with many different platforms. Keep your website fresh and up-to-date, and get support to help your team make all the changes you’d like on your own.

Profound Strategy utilizes a dedicated WordPress hosting provider with a strong track record of high performance, minimal downtimes, speed and security. Our hosting includes:

  • Security – Nightly backups with one-click restore and full backups of the website emailed to you upon request.
  • Speed – Our hosting platform is specifically optimized for WordPress websites.
  • Updates – WordPress updates at least every month, sometimes more, including all security updates.

Why WordPress? 

We are huge fans of WordPress because it offers all the flexibility most businesses need for their website at reduced development costs and with excellent security. It also enables us to offer more services at reduced costs. We support many other platforms for our clients, but all of our new website builds are in WordPress.

Profound Strategy Can Optimize Any Site Build

While we think we have some of the best designers and developers out there, Profound Strategy’s strategists, analysts, and content creators have also worked with other web dev teams to create effective sites for clients. 

Technical SEO Audits

A 150+ point, manual inspection identifies SEO issues, needs, and opportunities. Audits span a variety of priority SEO categories including technical, mobile, social, UI, structured data, inbound link profile, site structure, and more. Results are prioritized for strategic implementation.

Pre and Post Launch Audits

Thorough reviews of dev sites and newly launched websites to protect and enhance organic reach in the midst of changes. Identify high-priority SEO pages, evaluate redirect strategies, monitor pre- and post-launch ranking and traffic, audit URLs and redirects, and more.

If you are already engaged with another designer or developer, we are happy to work with other agencies to help optimize your new site for organic search.

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