Work with thought leaders to strengthen your brand.

As the digital marketing landscape expands, influencers are establishing themselves in every business vertical imaginable by building their own (sometimes enormous) audiences. Each influencer’s motivations can vary; from simply building their own personal brand to promoting their company, pursuing bigger and bigger speaking engagements, a passion for their industry – or a mix of these.

Companies that are able to authentically and meaningfully engage the right key influencers can earn exposure to these vast audiences. The right collaborative relationship with influencers can also have numerous indirect benefits in the areas of SEO, social media, and content marketing.

What does it take to make these meaningful connections? We have found that a number of principles help get the most out of each outreach project:

  • Collaboration – Influencers tend to enjoy engaging with other thoughtful and knowledgeable individuals in their space.
  • Meaningful – Every influencer is passionate about the topics they talk about and find value in sharing their unique perspectives with existing and new audiences.
  • Beneficial – You can’t make abruptly self-serving requests. There must be give and take.
  • Authentic – Influencers are pretty smart. They see right through thin emails or vain attempts to bait and switch their attention.
  • Hands-on (personal) – Needless to say, template emails blasted to every influential Twitter user with your keyword in their bio doesn’t exactly spark close relationships.
  • Long-term – Friendships don’t form over night. Even if your project is short-term, our team is in it for the long haul, which means we might already have active relationships with influencers in your niche.

Whether you are trying to build authentic links to your website, launch a new product, increase brand awareness or build your own influence and audience, we can help. Fill out the form to the right to speak with one of our experts.