ROI Reporting

Keep your brand competitive in organic search and keep SEO success in front of the C-suite with clear, actionable reporting. Profound Strategy’s suite of standard and customizable dashboards, slide decks, and reports create the accessible insights that every level of leadership needs in order to make agile, data-driven decisions.


Monitor Meaningful Growth

Driving measurable growth hinges on revenue-focused analytics. SEO reporting that empowers your team to make strategic, agile decisions weeds out vanity metrics to make sure the whole team is aligned around the analytics that directly impact your company’s bottom line.


Demonstrate ROI

Display—clearly and conclusively—that your team’s SEO efforts are paying off. With your unique conversion goals identified and properly set up, Profound Strategy regularly reports on how our organic search work is impacting the KPIs that are important to your revenue attribution model.


Optimize Your Resources

Take action and create results faster and more efficiently, with SEO reporting that always wraps up to a manually prioritized list of insights and recommendations. From audits, to regular growth reporting, to content investigations—all of Profound Strategy’s reporting comes back to the fastest path to revenue.

Get Better SEO Reporting

Improve your SEO strategy and ROI with easier, data-driven decision making, and demonstrate your team’s success with clear, executive-level messaging. When you’re ready for better reporting, get in touch to talk to a Profound Strategy solutions expert about what it might look like for your brand.

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