Custom Technical SEO Audit

Marketers need an audit that clearly identifies mission-critical and high-priority issues, separating them from trivial tasks that won't contribute to their marketing goals.

Most technical SEO audits result in a huge list of issues, problems, errors, bugs, best practices, and “opportunities.” Marketers and decision makers are left confused and overwhelmed. Or they invest considerable time in “fixing” items that never needed to be fixed in the first place.

We approach every audit and every campaign from a standpoint of “fastest-path-to-SEO-results.” You won’t see an endless list of tasks and recommendations from us, but rather carefully prioritized guidance of your highest impact needs and opportunities.

Profound Strategy’s technical SEO audits are:

  • Manually completed by one of our experienced SEO analysts.
  • Reviewed and vetted internally by our business/marketing leaders.
  • Completed using a number of the best specialized SEO tools.
  • Supported by 10 years of experience.
  • Prioritized and actionable.
  • Exhaustive.

What’s included:

  • 120+ technical SEO items reviewed manually by an SEO analyst
  • Findings vetted and prioritized by expected impact (and expected effort)
  • Mission critical and high-priority items clearly identified
  • “Ticket-ready guidance” provided for all mission critical and high priority recommendations, with relevant lists of occurrences, etc. included

Ticket-Ready Guidance

Recommendations are provided in “ticket-ready format.” That means you should have enough detail to copy the request into a ticket or email, and submit requests directly to your web developers.

If your developers or engineers have questions, we can meet with them to walk through the recommendations and answer questions.

Our team investigates every aspect of your website that matters to create an informed and complete picture of your SEO issues and opportunities.

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