Advanced SEO Audits

Clear guidance - Actionable, prioritized insights - A framework for substantial growth

Clients tell us that Profound Strategy’s SEO audits are a breath of fresh air in the often confusing world of SEO. When most companies don’t know what they need to do to experience SEO growth, Profound Strategy provides clear and strategically prioritized guidance that makes an impact.

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A refreshing, modern, high-impact approach to SEO audits.

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As an SEO results partner, our audits have one ultimate purpose: Identify the fastest path to meaningful SEO growth. There may be hundreds of SEO tasks that can be completed on any website, but most of those are trivial; they won’t increase traffic, and they won’t impact your marketing goals.

With every Profound Strategy audit, we leverage our extensive history of SEO growth campaigns to deliver clear guidance about what will grow your SEO traffic.


With every one of Profound Strategy’s SEO audits, you will receive:

– Clear guidance on what really needs to be done to drive SEO growth.

– A complete, prioritized view of your technical SEO needs.

– A clear, actionable, and high-impact content strategy.

– Effort vs. impact ratings for each prioritized piece of technical SEO guidance.

– Trivial SEO “issues” clearly marked and explained to save you from wasted effort.