SEO Audits

Set up and sustain the best possible ROI from all of your SEO efforts by building and maintaining a strong foundation. Profound Strategy has developed and proven a unique approach to technical SEO audits, as well as SEO content audits, that supports scalable growth by focusing on revenue-oriented action.

Most SEO tasks are a waste of resources. The key to capturing early ROI is to identify and focus on the work that will create SEO gains.

SEO Audit Reports: Actionable Insights that Drive Results

Stop wasting resources on foundational and technical SEO issues that don’t create an impact.

Most technical SEO tasks that end up on an audit report will have very little bearing on the site’s performance in organic search. That’s why Profound Strategy’s SEO audit reports aggressively prioritize foundational SEO tasks based on which tasks will create the fastest path to revenue for your company.

Our unique prioritization allows us to:

  • Move quickly — It’s not just about busyness; it’s about prioritizing the work that creates measurable results. 
  • Demonstrate results — Focusing your foundational SEO efforts on the work that creates real SEO wins allows you to report growth sooner. 
  • Avoid busywork — Profound Strategy’s prioritization structure classifies each task as mission critical, important, or non-essential, which means you know when to stop and focus on more important SEO strategies.

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Technical SEO Audits

You need a complete picture of your site’s health—and the confidence that nothing has been overlooked—but you also don’t want to waste time on endless research. 

Our technical SEO audits are:

  • Based on over 100 considerations.
  • Manually built using a variety of tools.
  • Designed to provide a single, holistic view of your company’s website.

Profound Strategy’s flexible audit template ensures a thorough technical audit. Our relentless pursuit of ROI ensures that the investigation process is efficient.

A modern SEO content audit will help transition your strategy to one based on user needs, prioritized by business value, and built on a foundation of data-driven research.

SEO Content Audits

A complete picture of your audience’s needs in organic search provides insights regarding what content needs to be created and how to create it.

Profound Strategy’s SEO content audits illustrate a clear path to creating the very best content for your target audience(s) and their specific needs by determining:

  • What content is required to drive your unique audience through your unique buyers’ journey.
  • What gaps exist in your brand’s current content library.
  • How your brand’s existing content stacks up against the competition.
  • Where to start improving for maximum ROI.

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