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How to Use Featured Snippets to Increase SEO Traffic



Is Your SEO Ready for 2018?

We have two great resources that will help you catapult your SEO into 2018.

First, let’s set up a hands-on Technical SEO Audit. Technical SEO is a small portion of an overall SEO strategy, but it’s the foundation. A technical review will help identify issues that might be holding back your SEO, and give you clear processes for fixing them. 

Then, don’t miss our latest ebook: A Modern Guide to High-Impact SEO Content: The complete guide to keywords, user intent, and content strategy in the era of AI and RankBrainIt outlines our entire keyword research and SEO content strategy, and it’s the only approach to content marketing that works anymore.

Profound Strategy’s SEO Best Practice Series

This collection of PDFs was originally developed for Profound Strategy’s staff and client training. Now, we have made a portion of this material available to the public. Other PDFs in the series include: