Optimizing a Gated Content Landing Page for SEO and Conversion [PDF]

optimize gated content ebook

Gated content is an essential tool for nurturing leads and growing an audience. Consider:

  • 88% of buyers use white papers for research.
  • 72% of buyers like webinars for research.
  • 74% of buyers will provide basic information (like name and email) for a white paper.

But too often, marketers put all of their effort into the content behind the contact form, and fail to create a landing page that search engines or buyers will favor.

Optimize for Search

The first step to improving conversions is getting buyers to the form, which comes down to SEO. You can (and should) promote the landing page through other channels—social, email, paid ads, etc.—but SEO guarantees the content will be one click away when the user is ready for it.

That means short, unsubstantial landing pages that only point to the download form might not be the best strategy for a gated content page. Learn more in the PDF.

Optimize for Conversions

There are a lot of tips and strategies out there for designing forms and gated content pages to improve conversions. Five considerations continue to stand out, including (1) a clear heading, (2) a simple CTA, and (3) a focus on value rather than features.

Good on-page SEO keeps the buyer engaged with your content, and one simple step away from filling out that gated content form.

Start Getting More Qualified Leads with Gated Content

How to Optimize a Content Download Landing Page for SEO and Conversions will show you how to get your target audience to your best content, and how to help them engage with it once they do.  Discover:

  • Which technical SEO items deserve your time and attention
  • How engagement SEO should drive your content strategy for gated content landing pages
  • How to design a page for maximum conversions