How to Add Links to Content for the Greatest SEO Value [PDF]

how to use links

Links are an important content marketing tool that can help marketers increase lead generation opportunities and engagement metrics—and ultimately boost on-page SEO. But links have to be created thoughtfully to be effective. Too many marketers are still highlighting keywords and linking them to sales pages.

How to Add Links to Content for the Greatest SEO Benefit answers seven of the most pressing questions about creating links in your content, complete with actionable solutions, including:

  • What is the SEO value of links in the content I write/publish?
  • Should I use keyword anchor text in a link?
  • How many links should I use?
  • What ratio of internal vs. external links should I use?
  • Should a link open in a new window or tab?

You’ll also learn why effective linking puts users at the top of the priority list, and get a handy checklist that will help you improve every content piece you create. Ready to get started? Fill out the form to download a your complimentary copy of How to Add Links to Content for the Greatest SEO Benefit, today.  

Profound Strategy’s SEO Best Practice Series

This collection of PDFs was originally developed for Profound Strategy’s staff and client training. Now, we have made a portion of this material available to the public. Other PDFs in the series include:

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