The Essential Guide to Marketing with Google’s Knowledge Graph

The Essential Guide to Marketing with Googles Knowledge Graph - Ebook

The Knowledge Graph is already changing SEO and online marketing as we know it.

Approximately 1 in 5 Google searches now include the Knowledge Graph, drawing attention away from organic search results.
Wikipedia’s pageviews declined 21% the year after Knowledge Graph launched.

The Knowledge Graph offers both challenges and opportunities for marketers. Are you prepared?

The Essential Guide to Marketing with Google’s Knowledge Graph is a new, one-of-a-kind resource that examines the impact of the Knowledge Graph, and outlines detailed tactics for marketing teams, including:

  • Action plans for marketers to respond to the Knowledge Graph
  • SEO steps to take to increase organic search traffic in spite of the Knowledge Graph
  • Screenshots of nearly every type of Knowledge Graph result in the wild
  • A complete timeline of every Knowledge Graph development
  • What companies can do to generate the most value when their content appears in the Knowledge Graph
  • 41 pages of examples, insights, and strategies!

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Includes contributions from: Rand Fishkin, Jason Miller (LinkedIn), Dana Todd, Katherine Watier Ong (Ketchum), Bruce Clay, Matt Koulas (Grasshopper), Kathleen Garvin (SEMrush)


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