SEO Content Strategy

Create a clear, high-impact SEO content strategy that attracts targeted buyers.

Beat your competitors for the terms that matter and drive high-quality SEO traffic.

Outranking competitors and consistently driving qualified organic traffic requires a modern SEO content strategy—one that delivers specific solutions, to your targeted audience, in a language that search engines understand.

Profound Strategy has developed and proven a unique framework for SEO content that creates reliable, measurable results from organic search in any industry or niche.

How Profound Strategy Creates Consistent, Predictable SEO Wins

Search engines understand that user queries are clues to the kind of information and answers they want to find. Profound Strategy uses Google’s own insights on individual keywords and topics to create an SEO content strategy that delivers what buyers and search engines want from your content.


user need — a specific need that a user has, at a specific point in the buyer’s journey, that inspires an organic search query


Profound Strategy’s recipe for a strategy based on user needs creates SEO content that:

  • Beats competitors in organic search for a long list of keywords. Content based on user needs is well-positioned to perform across a landscape of organic search results, because it is topically authoritative and designed to answer your audience’s questions—no matter how they ask them in organic search.
  • Boosts brand awareness and demand gen in organic search. Understanding and answering user needs increases brand awareness and drives demand gen, because it puts your brand in organic search results at every stage of the funnel.
  • Drives consistent, measurable organic traffic. An SEO content strategy based on user needs is scalable and the ROI is predictable, because it is based on a repeatable, proven process.
  • Converts. Understanding and answering user needs in organic search puts your brand at the bottom of the funnel as well as the top, and enables your organization to provide the information that users need in order to convert.
Maurina Venturelli
Maurina Venturelli
Director of Demand Generation

Profound Strategy’s comprehensive, SEO-oriented content marketing strategy significantly boosted Sumo Logic’s online visibility and allowed us to better connect with our target market.

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An SEO content strategy based on user needs creates a reliable framework for success. It is the only way, in the modern organic search landscape, to create the kind of predictable, scalable growth in organic rankings and traffic that put the SEO team at the revenue table and drive measurable, long-term ROI.

SEO has to keep up with search engines in the era of Google’s RankBrain and machine learning, and Profound Strategy does so by first translating keywords and queries into user needs.

Our team of experienced strategists and SEO content editors have honed this process over many years and continue to refine it for each campaign:

    1. Discover how Google understands and applies relevant keywords.
    2. Investigate what users are actually looking for when they search any number of related terms.
    3. Define which user needs are driving qualified, organic traffic throughout the buyer’s journey.


Your audience is using organic search to find answers throughout the buyer’s journey. Are they finding your website at every stage?


That list of user needs is then manually prioritized—with you—based on each one’s value in organic search and perceived value to your business.

Profound Strategy’s SEO expertise and research, combined with your team’s knowledge of the business and industry, create a detailed SEO content strategy specially designed to drive ROI and revenue for your company. It ensures that we create content that performs well in organic search and that drives high-quality organic traffic.

The Proof is in the Metrics: An Example of SEO Content Strategy Success

SEO content strategies based on user needs is more than good philosophy. It works. Our unique approach has proven successful across a variety of B2B and B2C industries and niches.

Profound Strategy began publishing SEO content with this B2B technology enterprise in March. The client simply wanted to exceed the average historical YoY growth rate of 10%. One year later, Profound Strategy’s SEO content had improved on the historical average by as much as 68%.



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