Inbound Project

The Inbound Project is a strategic, high-level journey that explores why inbound marketing is so critical to effectively connecting with customers in today’s market. It will span a number outlets, find expression in a number of different forms, and ultimately become a massive resource for marketers.

New insights and resources will be released each week through the beginning of September. The first of five eBooks, Marketing Reality, is already available to help align your strategy and ethos with the reality of the marketplace today and the power of inbound marketing. You can always find the latest here and @propecta. Dive in and join the discussion! Use the hashtag #inboundpro.

Marketing Reality

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"You have two choices: Either continue to interrupt people with your silly marketing messages, or focus on being the best answer to the questions & issues they have."
"How should companies market today? Develop content strategies to draw people in and get their permission to communicate with them on an ongoing basis."
"Inbound marketing shows that you and your company understand their problem and have spent serious time solving it."
"The most important thing to remember is that in today’s digital world, the customer is now in charge."


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"Social responsibility, ethics & transparency should reflect in branding"
"If you don’t tune into your target market’s needs you are invisible"
"It starts with building a solid brand narrative for what your brand/company is"
"The signal-to-noise ratio is the bane of every acquisition marketer"


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"The best #inbound #marketers...write #content they want to read."
"Authenticity-separates scummy, interruptive from valuable, empathetic marketing."
"I love the good, old fashioned method: Talk to your customers."
"If you can't connect with emotions you need to learn more about your audience"
"You connect by telling the story in a real way, to real people."


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"Own the controversy, reinforce why your brand stands for what it does."
"Effective content curation is when your company is the go-to resources."
"True thought leadership makes people think. Challenge conventional thinking,"

Convert and Close

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"Converting that audience into leads requires prudent pain-solving content."
"Map out audiences into flows= content that serves to both attract and convert."
"Recognize that prospects may be qualified before the company realizes it"
"'Sales-ready leads' is outdated- winning clients is a more integrated process."

Deeper Insights from the Inbound Project

Marketing Reality eBookWeek 1 – Marketing Reality eBook

Week 2 – How to Attract Buyers in an Inbound Market

Week 3 – How to Connect with Buyers in an Inbound Market

Week 4 – Learn These Thought Leadership Techniques to Communicate with Your Buyers

Week 5 – How to Use Inbound Marketing to Close More Business


More About the Inbound Project

The phrase “inbound marketing” was first used in 2005 to describe an evolving marketing strategy that has, in less than a decade, revolutionized online communications. But inbound marketing is more than a new set of advertising tactics. It’s a mindset shift that every marketer will have to make in order to effectively reach buyers in the new marketplace.

Inbound is not just a marketing trend.

Inbound marketing is a new philosophy for communication. It shifts the focus from pushing the brand out, to drawing decision makers in – from interrupting buyers for a few seconds of their attention, to providing consistent, high-quality content in answer to their questions and problems. The strength and longevity of inbound marketing rests comfortably in the fact that it is simply best practice for brands in an independent, accessible marketplace.

One of our favorite things about inbound marketing is the way it creates dialogue by leveling the playing field. We hope that you will like, post, share, and tweet any and every Inbound Project blog post, eBook, and/or webinar that you find enjoyable
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