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Welcome to Imperva’s home for dramatic, high-value SEO traffic growth. Learn how you can drive significant amounts of relevant, in-market buyers to your website with a modern SEO strategy.

Profound Strategy is the only SEO partner that delivers consistent, reliable, scalable SEO growth with a modern, next-gen SEO strategy. The results we deliver for leading technology companies speak for themselves.

Our strategy consultants have already begun some of Imperva’s next-gen SEO research—a summary of initial findings are below. This page will be updated with any additional findings over time. Don’t forget to bookmark it for easy reference!

Modern SEO Campaign Growth

Traffic growth expectations from a modern SEO campaign are pretty dramatic for Imperva.


We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us shape and execute our SEO strategy. Profound Strategy supports our internal teams with strategic insights, training, and execution support, and they are a pleasure to work with.

— Hilary Jules, Head of Content Strategy and Marketing Operations

Imperva’s ROI from a Modern SEO Campaign

The ROI of a modern SEO campaign is measured concretely and is scalable with confidence.

Imperva’s est. PPC CPC

Imperva’s est. “cost per click” of a modern SEO growth campaign:



*According to SEMrush data

Estimated SEO “cost per click” is based on high-quality, relevant traffic growth expectations of a moderately aggressive modern SEO growth campaign.

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We’ve helped these brands grow

Sample of Imperva’s SEO Opportunities

Modern SEO campaigns don’t target keywords—they target user needs, which clearly identify the need that drove a user to perform a search, no matter the keywords they use.

Imperva has hundreds of potential user needs worth targeting or improving their organic search traffic for. Below are a few samples.

User need name here

User need name here

User need name here

XX,XXX searches/month across 127+ different keywords

XX,XXX searches/month across 127+ different keywords

XX,XXX searches/month across 127+ different keywords

Competitors to beat: 

– (earning X% of traffic)



Competitors to beat: 

Competitors to beat: 


Profound Strategy’s SEO certified content is the only proven method for driving predictable, scalable, significant SEO traffic growth today for the user needs that deliver leads and revenue. Contact us to schedule a demo or request more user need research (at no cost).

Talend Achieves 199% Increase in Unbranded Organic Traffic

Talend partnered with Profound Strategy to increase organic traffic with a holistic SEO campaign focused on growth tactics and certified SEO content.

Profound Strategy created certified content for Talend that produced:

  • 250,000+ organic sessions
  • 51% of all sessions in the resource center
  • 19% of all organic sessions to Talend’s U.S. website

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