Profound Strategy is a fast-paced, creative, driven, primarily remote, digital SEO agency trusted by forward-thinking companies and some of the world’s largest B2B and technology brands — and the Search Strategist’s job is to lead SEO strategy for a handful of our exciting, innovative clients.

Profound Strategy builds holistic, high-impact SEO strategies for the era of RankBrain and artificial intelligence; provides full-service execution when needed; and supports and trains internal teams to be proficient in SEO. With a proven track record, Profound Strategy helps companies experience significant revenue increases from SEO.

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The Search Strategist is our client’s primary contact, and is responsible for leading each client’s overall SEO strategy to deliver optimal SEO growth within reasonable timeframes with all resources available – including Profound Strategy’s teams, the client’s teams, and at times even other agencies used by the client.

Search Strategists provide consulting, training, support, and guidance to each of their clients, helping them continually identify high-priority SEO objectives, build and execute a project plan, and measure the impact of each effort.

Success in this role means that an Search Strategist’s clients experience measured growth from SEO and therefore maintain a long-term partnership with Profound Strategy.


  • Direct the SEO strategy of approximately four to 10 accounts (depending on account size).
  • Build holistic, high-impact SEO strategies, working closely with one or more client contacts and multiple Profound Strategy subject matter experts.
  • In particular, provide inspired leadership with regard to clients’ content strategy and SEO.
  • Lead regular client meetings and provide each client with consistent, proactive communication.
  • Guide the strategy of all relevant client work fulfilled by Profound Strategy, working alongside and providing direction to a variety of staff (and leading internal meetings).
  • Coordinate the support and training needed for client teams to execute SEO-related projects and increase their own SEO proficiency.
  • Build a strong relationship of trust and confidence with each client.
  • Customize Profound Strategy’s reporting for each client to demonstrate the impact of our SEO strategy with concrete SEO and business metrics.


  • Comparable experience in a digital agency or in-house.
  • Proven track-record of leading SEO strategy and overseeing execution team(s) to deliver noteworthy bottom-line results.
  • Proven track-record of leading effective content strategies for B2B organization(s).
  • Able to identify actionable next steps from broad strategic objectives.
  • Self starter and problem solver — digs until the problem is found and solved.
  • Articulate, with excellent communication skills — can communicate with a variety of personalities, across a variety of mediums, and can use any channel to communicate efficiently with remote team members and clients.
  • Can effectively interface with manager, director, and C-suite level client contacts.
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented, results-oriented, able to perform under pressure.
  • Driven and self-directed in a virtual work environment.
  • Significant knowledge of the current state of the SEO industry.

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