All I Want for Christmas: An SEO Wishlist

What are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? A tech toy? Something that sparkly? Our team is hoping for keywords and blogs. Check out our fun SEO wish list and let us know what's on yours!
December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Profound Strategy! We hope your season is merry and bright — full of laughter and love. And we hope that Santa smiles on your wish list this week! Here are a few things that our team is asking for this year.

All I Want for Christmas …

seo wishlist. “… is for Google to provide my freaking keywords.” – Evan Burrows (@EvanBurrows) . . . Ginger. “… is for your brand to finally start blogging.” – Ginger Helm (@GingerHelm) . . . Todd. “… is for Google to ease up the Webmaster Tools restrictions. Let’s open up the books, people!” – Todd Mayfield . . seo wishlist. “… is a marketing clone machine.” – Rebecca Levinson (@RebeccaLev) . . . Peter. “… is for Google to assemble a web analytics team that get’s hit by Bing’s Avalanche.” – Peter Zugaj . . seo wishlist. “… is my two front SERP results? Ha. … is for marketing teams to dare to delve outside the silos and coordinate SEO, content, social, and even PR efforts and dollars.” – Kathryn Auerbach (@KTDVCnct) . Chris. “… is for business to focus on traffic and conversion, not rankings!” – Chris Post (@ThisIsPost) . . . Joshua. “… is for Penguin to stop updating over the holidays.” – Joshua Saint . . . seo wishlist. “… is for the internet to stop using the word, ‘authenticity.'” – Allie Lofy (@AllieLofy) . . . Me. “… is a Vine of Rand Fishkin twirling his mustache.” – Lex Wisniewski (@EstherProject) . . . Nate. “… is another search engine to challenge Google’s dominance and shake things up around here!” – Nate Dame (@SEONate) . . We’ll let you know if Santa brings the Profound Strategy team anything from our wish list. In the meantime, what about you? Tweet your #SEOwishlist to @SEONate or @Profound Strategy so we can see them and share!

Alexis Wisniewski
Associate Editor
Lex is a writer who used to turn up her nose at SEO — with its forced keywords and its shady backlinks — until she met a team of people doing it right, and got roped in by her love of excellent content. Find her on Twitter @estherproject.

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