SEO for Tech Brands: 5 Mistakes Most Technology Companies Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Software & Technology SEO

What 2 Years of Research Taught Us About SEO for Tech Brands and the Surprising Insight that Changed Our Content Strategies

Technology companies can’t do SEO and content marketing like the rest of the world. Over the past two years, Profound Strategy has worked with several leading technology companies. That time has been filled with significant keyword and user intent research, technical content creation, and testing. After research and analysis of hundreds of industry keywords, we […]

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Tech Company Content Marketing and SEO: Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?

For content marketers, getting paid to be creative every day is usually a blessing, but it’s not always easy. This is particularly true for content marketers working in highly technical industries. In addition to the normal difficulties of content marketing—SEO updates, consistency, quality, etc.—technical content is extremely, well … technical. Writing authoritative, compelling copy requires […]

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5 Quick-Win SEO Opportunities for Software & Technology Websites

Software and technology company websites often have the dual responsibility of explaining and selling their products and explaining (and sometime selling) their niches and solutions. Some of your solutions and/or technology is complicated, but buyers don’t want to invest in something they don’t understand. At the same time, software and technology industries are innovating at […]

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