New Google Patent: Is Google Storing Data to Replace Organic Search Results?!

Conspiracy Theory

Oh The Horror! Scary Google Predictions for 2015

UPDATE: Looking for insight to guide your SEO strategy in 2015? Check out Nate’s “Glimpses Of The Future: 10 Fringe SEO Predictions For 2015” on Search Engine Land. Looking for a chuckle and a few snarky jabs at Google? Read on!   It’s that time of year when ghouls hang from neighborhood trees, barns become haunted attractions, […]

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What We Still Don’t Know About the Death of Google Authorship

After years of experimentation, Google has pulled the plug on Authorship. We were told it was removed because it no longer improved the search experience for users. But is that the full story? What if the announcement wasn’t just the result of Google’s no-sacred-cows ethos, but was actually part of the Authorship strategy from the […]

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