Standing Against Injustice and Systemic Racism, Because Black Lives Matter

Our whole team has been mourning, fighting, speaking, amplifying, and donating for weeks, and we wanted to respond as a team as well—in word and action.

Juneteenth, 2020

Like most of the country, every member of the Profound Strategy team has been reeling since the murder of George Floyd. It’s hard to find adequate language to describe it. The right words probably don’t exist.

Nevertheless, our whole team wanted to respond—not just in words, but in action, because:

Our team is diverse. The amazing people who come together (digitally) as Profound Strategy represent BIPOC and LGTB+ communities, as well as interracial marriages and multi-ethnic families. Issues and injustices that have recently ignited our country are central to our company, because they’re central to the people who make up our company.

We believe that every little bit helps. Our brand voice isn’t as loud as some, but that’s no reason to be silent. We stand vehemently against latent, overt, systemic, and structural racism, and we’re investing in real, substantial change.

Many companies have shown their support in many different ways, and there’s still so much to do. We hope these changes keep happening, because they must.

We’ve taken a few weeks to explore options, because we wanted to do more than just publish a hollow brand statement. Specifically, we’ve recently donated to:


We are also:

  • Providing additional resources for our team to continue their education on topics surrounding systemic injustice, and supporting them as they raise their own voices in protest and allyship.
  • Assisting clients that are taking strides to ensure that their website messaging is inclusive. (One great resource is Emily Triplett Lentz’s “How to Make Your Content More Inclusive.”)


These last few weeks have been a powerful time of reflection, revelation, and response for our nation.

While it is nothing short of shameful that it took this long for our country to engage in the work of eradicating systemic injustice, we are heartened, seeing that real change might finally be happening. After weeks of protest and truly inspiring social justice action, massive reforms are in the works.

We intend to keep going, and I hope you do too.


Photo credit to Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona