Competitive Content Research

An in-depth look at how we produce SEO certified content to drive exponential growth through organic search

SEO content that builds your brand and drives revenue growth has to drive meaningful organic traffic and outperform the competition in search. That means that the only way to win in organic search is to understand both your audience and your competition in organic search.

Your brand’s audience is the same in organic search as anywhere else, but they might be having different conversations. Your brand’s competition in organic search might be the same as in other markets—but it might be dramatically different.

That’s why each of your audience’s unique needs is thoroughly investigated in organic search. 

Profound Strategy content routinely beats the competition in organic search by understanding:

  • What your audience really wants, including what subtopics are helpful, what types of media encourage engagement for this topic, and more.
  • How Google understands the topic. We create content for users. But we also need search engines to understand it.
  • How your brand can stand out and win in search. Our experienced team can identify gaps in top-performing content and opportunities for your brand’s unique value and voice to shine.

All of those insights combine to create the framework for a piece of SEO content that can compete in organic search. 

Ready to win organic search? Get in touch today to see how customized, competitive SEO research can improve your content’s performance.

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The Proof is in the Metrics: An Example of SEO Content that Wins

Profound Strategy started working on content for this B2B tech company in September. Almost one year later, the SEO content that Profound Strategy created or assisted with was performing more than three times better than the content our team did not touch.

We have lots of these graphs, because Profound Strategy is an agency committed to metrics.

Built into our SEO content process is a 90-day, post-publication review. If the content is no longer growing in organic traffic it is reviewed, the organic landscape is investigated for changes, and updates are recommended.

To learn more about how Profound Strategy applies SEO metrics to ensure content success, contact us today. We’ll set up that free call to show you how it works and how we can help you create the kind of graphs you get excited about showing to the C-suite.