Goodbye SEOperks. Hello Profound Strategy!

Today, after nearly a year of scheming and planning, and several months of all-hands-on-deck effort, I am proud to announce both the launch of our new brand - Profound Strategy - and some things extra to spark conversations about the reality of marketing today - the Inbound Project.
Nate Dame
Nate Dame
CEO and Founder
Nate is the founder and CEO of Profound Strategy, a results-oriented SEO consultancy trusted by forward-thinking companies, including a few of the world's largest B2B and technology brands. Profound Strategy builds holistic SEO strategies, supports internal teams, and offers full-service execution to create an organic search presence that generates significant revenue.
August 4, 2014

The marketplace has transformed. Today’s buyer is fundamentally different. Shifts in perceptions, new expectations, and access to abundant information has dramatically changed every buyer’s decision making process. An empowered, knowledgeable marketplace is great news for marketers, right? We can reach buyers directly and cost-effectively online, and every search is an opportunity to generate leads, nurture leads and make sales. But… Profound Strategy - Reaching today's buyers Too many marketers simply don’t know how to communicate with today’s buyers, and their attempts cause more harm than good. Old marketing mindsets don’t work in today’s mediums. After experiencing far too many overtly promotional social media posts, annoying email blasts, low quality content, and aggressive banner ads, buyers can smell a fake a mile away – and they’ll run from it.


Time for a confession

Over the last four years, our team (now based in the beautiful resort town of Lake Geneva, WI) has been artfully wooing the modern buyer on behalf of our clients. We work for a wide range of companies–from fortune 500s to small/medium businesses. But after a few busy years of growing, hiring, organizing, and growing again – we looked back and found that our own brand was dreadfully out of shape! Our website was out-of-date, our own marketing campaigns were haphazard, and we were just too busy to do much about it. In the midst of exciting client projects and a growing staff, we fell victim to the starving baker syndrome – too busy baking bread to stop and feed ourselves! (Amazingly, we still thrived. Eighty percent of our growth from day one has come from word-of-mouth referrals.) After coming to grips with our own weak branding and marketing, I realized there were essentially two directions we could take:

  • Begin to revitalize the SEOperks brand, or
  • Draw a line in the sand and re-launch with a fresh start.

I had already been contemplating a new brand name for quite some time after realizing that ‘SEO’ wasn’t the ideal term to keep in our company name, for a variety of reasons (more on that below). And our brand was small enough that a re-brand would be relatively inexpensive now (but if we invested time and energy into revitalizing SEOperks only to change it again later, a re-brand would become more expensive). So the decision was made: It’s time to change our company name and start over. Thus, the seeds for Profound Strategy were planted. We thought to ourselves: This shouldn’t take too long, right? Heck, we’re a marketing AGENCY! Throw the project on the board and get it done. Ha! If only we could stop coming up with so many great ideas ;). The decision to start anew was made about a year ago. Then I thought, rather than just go live with a new website, what if we did something more? A new brand and a new website isn’t exactly newsworthy–it’s all about “us.” The marketplace doesn’t care much about companies; each person wants to know “What’s in it for me?” So what if… Today, after nearly a year of scheming and planning, and several months of all-hands-on-deck effort, I am proud to announce both the launch of our new brand–Profound Strategy–and some things extra to spark conversations about the reality of marketing today–the Inbound Project. You should know: I’ll post a lot more about the Inbound Project later today, but you should definitely check it out. Some of our biggest heroes participated including Ann Handley (MarketingProfs), Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Institute), folks from LinkedIn, Klout, Marketo, and more.  

What’s In a Name?

If names are not correct, language will not be in accordance with the truth of things. — Confucius Our team has always strived to stay two steps ahead of these trends in the marketplace (and Google’s ranking algorithm changes!). For example, many times we have found ourselves giving clients advice that seems unconventional at the time, only to see Google announce an algorithm change months later that validates exactly what we said. This name change isn’t about substantially changing who we are as a company. I don’t want the heart, soul, dedicated-and-fun-culture, drive, or continuously evolving character of SEOperks Profound Strategy to ever change! But it was time to get ‘SEO’ out of our name. Why’s that? I’m glad you asked.

  • SEO is changing and evolving at an incredibly fast pace. Most of these changes are exciting, pushing marketing tactics in a healthy (although challenging) direction; others present unique challenges. There a dozen definitions of ‘SEO,’ and they are always changing too. This simply makes it a confusing term at times.
  • SEO needs to be more than just SEO. SEO that works isn’t siloed. Integration and coordination with other marketing and PR activities is a must.
  • SEO still has plenty of negative connotations and misunderstandings. Some people hear ‘SEO’ and think old-school SEO, black-hat SEO, link building schemes and/or spam. Some people hear ‘SEO’ and think ‘that never works’ (that’s before they look at our soon-to-be-released case studies of course).
  • Some people still don’t know what SEO is, which makes SEOperks just look like a weird word.
  • SEOperks is hard to communicate verbally. “CEO Perks? See Oh Perks? Can you spell SEO for me?”
  • (Oh, and our heros at SEOmoz did the same thing not long ago, changing their name to Moz, so I figure we’re in good company. I’m happy to report that Rand participated in the Inbound Project too.)

In addition and reflecting the growing and evolving nature of SEO, our own service offering has expanded over the last few years. We use to exclusively ‘do SEO,’ but as integration became more and more important to SEO, we began to offer more services (as part of SEO projects and independently) including blogging, content production, influencer outreach and more (with more to come). We felt that the best way to communicate who we are is a new name that was not limited and is free to grow with us.  

So What About Me?

This all begs the most important question: What about me? If you are a current client or considering working with SEOperks Profound Strategy: Nothing has changed but our name (plus everybody here gained a little more pride and excitement with this announcement). The Profound Strategy team has been living and breathing these new marketing mindsets for a long time. It’s what has always made us who we are, and it’s what we will continue to be. If you have any specific questions and you’re not sure who to talk to, please reach out to one of us:

  If you are an old friend or a recent convert, welcome to the party! Please fasten your seat belt and keep your arms and legs inside the awesome. A ton of goodness (sweet resources, helpful tips from thought leaders, and thought-provoking fun for marketers and business owners) is about to go down this next month (including the Inbound Project and so much more). Like, follow, share, and tell your friends! If you want to stick around and stay informed, here are a few tips:

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We’re about to make it rain… but in a mature, responsible, and strategic way.  

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

It’s been a long journey with plenty of late nights and caffeine along the way. Even though SEOperks had obvious limitations, it’s still hard letting go. But now we can boldly say that we fit in our own skin. The team has been cut loose to unleash their creative potential not just for clients, but for our own brand. Look out world! Where will we be a year from today? We have our plans, but opportunities and ideas continue to unfold every day. I’m not sure I could tell you exactly where we will be in 12 months, but I am excited to watch this journey unfold along with you!

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