SEO Certified Content Project Delivery Details

Sets of SEO certified content are bundled into SEO content campaigns to deliver the highest impact at the lowest price, while maintaining a flat pricing model for efficient ROI calculations.

Pricing for a SEO certified content campaign is straightforward and based on the number of SEO certified content assets included. Price per SEO certified asset is based on the topic complexity and length.

Each SEO certified content campaign includes:

  • Broad SEO research related to your industry and brand.
  • Strategic planning and brainstorming to find and investigate your target audience(s) in organic search.
  • Identification of multiple opportunities and prioritization of the most valuable ones with your team.
  • Advanced, in-depth competitive research for each approved-by-you topic.

Where other SEO agencies charge for a number of vague campaign or strategy hours, Profound Strategy’s flat, content-based pricing model ensures that every ounce of effort is strictly targeted to generating ROI and clearly tied to your KPIs.

Minimum campaign size is five (5) SEO certified assets.

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