Most of what gets called “SEO” is worthless. There are a lot of good ideas and philosophies about SEO (and even more bad ones), and there are more than enough marketing blogs to write and tweet about them. Your marketing team could spend hours every day tracking down the latest update, burning question, or “great” idea, but the real question is, “What will make a positive impact on your brand’s bottom line?”

Signs of a Terrible SEO Strategy

There are a few key insights that will help you recognize whether or not your SEO campaign is poised to improve your bottom line:

  • SEO VS. MARKETING Search engines have collected a massive array of data points that collectively demonstrate which sites will offer users an engaging experience, and which are just keyword-stuffed. Earning high rankings is no longer a technical check list, but a broader challenge for the entire marketing team.
  • EMPHASIS ON THE TECHNICAL The technical aspects of SEO are still important, but they don’t deliver competitive value. Modern SEOs need to know and understand that technical factors are a foundation, but they are not enough to boost your ranking above entrenched competition.
  • CONTENT = JUST KEYWORDS Most SEO keyword strategies have not evolved in the past 15 years. Keywords in today’s SEO landscape should never be considered apart from the user intent behind the word or phrase itself. Profound Strategy’s highly unique approach to this challenge helps brands provide content that actually deserves, and will earn, the highest ranking.

Earn Rankings that Convert

Your website will be free to climb up through the rankings, and your marketing team to operate more efficiently, when your SEO strategy is clear and specifically designed to impact the bottom line. When you work with Profound Strategy, you don’t have to waste resources trying every new idea in the hopes of catching one that works. Your whole team will be able to concentrate better with help and seasoned advice for SEO that works.

Get Your SEO Aligned

If your SEO isn’t delivering a significant ROI, it’s time for a change. Schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can help you figure out where to start.  

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