The simple truth is that most SEO efforts are ineffective because of basic, fundamental flaws. These sometimes glaring issues keep many campaigns from doing little more than limping along.

3 Fails that are Killing Your SEO

Most major SEO flaws fit into one of three broad categories:

  • OUTDATED TACTICS Frankly, we’re amazing to see so many agencies, even today, recommending that clients focus on yesterday’s best-practices (like keyword density) as core tenets of SEO. Much of what used to be considered SEO is either outdated or only the very simple foundation of an effective strategy today.
  • LACK OF EXPERIENCE Many times, the people responsible to execute an SEO campaign—internally or at an agency—have book (or blog) knowledge, but little to no experience delivering results.
  • LACK OF IMPROVEMENT It’s true that SEO is not a quick-fix, but you should at least see positive signs of change in the short term—after two months at most. Too many projects keep trying the same things, for months on end, with no sign that their strategies are actually working.

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